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Mrs. Herr, Nurse/Health Academy

Ms. Howard, Computer Education

Mrs. Johnson, Special Education

Miss Knutson, Science

Mrs. Mahoney, Vocational Agriculture

Mrs. McCarty, Instructional Coach/Comp I/II & Fiction

Mrs. McGarvey, Art

Miss Oblander, Spanish

Mrs. Smith, Music

Miss Sojka, Mathematics

Miss Sorensen, Band

Mr. Squiers, PE

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Mrs. TeBockhorst, ELP/Social Studies

Mrs. White, Family and Consumer Science

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Fall Play

Director Mrs. Brooke Smith

Show Dates

October 29, 2016 at 6:30 PM
October 30, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Hampton Bellamy is dead. In fact, he’s deader than dead, considering he was shot, stabbed, poisoned, clubbed, AND run over by a truck. “I like things simple,” says police captain Bogie, but at this point, everyone in Bellamy’s household is now a suspect. Could it be one of his sisters, Dorthella, Darnella, or Daniella? What about his gambling nephew Percy, who takes odds on who’ll be next? Or niece Cherise, who plans her future by the stars? Clues pile up as fast as victims in this topsy-turvy comedy where everyone suspects everyone.


Dorthella- Madison Forbes                Captian Bogie- Jalen Collins
Darnella- Peyton Schmitt                   Officer Shirley- Lilian Miller
Daniella- Lizzie Hora                            Officer Beryl- Taylor Napoli
Percy- Erik Edens                                 Officer Patsy- Izzie Zamora
Willow- Bailey Pierson                        Officer Joey- Juan Puga
Max- Curtis Patterson                         Luella- Whitney Willoz
Durward- Ross Swinton                      Fifi- Holley Johnson
Cherise- Lizzie Edens                           Sophie- Liz Dodson
Barbaretta- Morgan Hotz                   Marie- Elena Sieverding
Carlton- Dalton Hannenburn             Farrigut- Shelby Eden
Doc- Caleb Viers                                   Pamela- Sydney Alt
Bonnie- Skyler Pettitt

Character Names & Background:

Dorthella Hepplewhite (sixty-year-old who knows more than she is telling)
Darnella Chippendale (Dorthella’s sister, also holding a secret)
Daniella Bellamy (the unmarried sister, also holding a secret)
Percy Hepplewhite (Dorthella’s son who’s ready to gamble on anything)
Willow Hackhalter (argumentative niece of the deceased; out for her share)
Max Hackhalter (Willow’s conniving husband)
Durward Hackhalter (fifteen-year-old whining son)
Cherise Chippendale (niece of the deceased; plans her future by the stars)
Barbaretta Chippendale (Cherise’s all-business sister)
Carlton Hepplewhite (not-too-bright nephew of the deceased)
Captian Bogie Graham (seasoned policeman who likes things simple)
Officer Shirley (Bogie’s right-hand policewoman)
Officer Beryl (another policewoman; ready for action)
Officer Patsy (clumsy policewoman)
Offer Joey (another policeman; ready for action)
Fifi Myers (Carlton’s ditzy girlfriend)
Sophie (wise-cracking family cook)
Marie (other wise-cracking family cook)
Farrigut Blaine (shady lawyer; also has a secret)
Luella Soames (novice insurance agent)
Doc Eberkuny (old family doctor)
Pamela Gadsden (ambitious TV reporter)
Bonnie Speck (sarcastic camera operator)






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