Hard Surface Routes

Throughout the winter and spring months there will be occasions that secondary road conditions will require the school to use Hard Surface Routes only. Families will be provided with a hard surface route sheet and in the event that road conditions would require Lone Tree Schools to run hard surface routes only you may reference this sheet for pickup and drop off times and locations.

Questions regarding hard surface routes should be directed to your bus driver.

Bus #1 Ambra Mott
Bus #2 Charlie Willier
Bus #3 Kellie Eden

Joe Donovan, Transportation Coordinator, [email protected]

School Bus Safety - Yellow and Red Lights and Flashing Stop Sign Laws

  • Two Lane Roads - Yellow Lights - If you are approaching the bus from the opposite direction and see the YELLOW lights go on within a reasonable distance, you must SLOW DOWN to 20 MPH or less and be prepared to stop
  • Two Lane Roads - Yellow Lights - If you are approaching the bus from behind, you are to SLOW DOWN and STOP a safe distance from the bus. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you drive around a school bus once the yellow lights go on.
  • Two Lane Roads - Red Lights - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you go through the red lights of a school bus or the FLASHING STOP SIGN - no matter which direction you are going. There is only ONE EXCEPTION to this law - if you are approaching a bus on a FOUR-LANE road, you do not have to slow down or stop.
  • Fines for violating these rules is an automatic 30 day suspension of your license and fine that can range from $250.00 to as high as $675.00.

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